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Send us your article via email at careers@zingahost.commentioning the article and your name in the subject
After review and selection you will be informed via email. 
Attach your images when emailing this article (.zip preferred - All in one file)
Blog Submission Guidelines
  1. Publish Evergreen Content or Trending Content
  2. Always Use a Focus Keyword (Choose an appealing Title For your Article)
  3. Divide your article into proper headings and Sub-headings.
  4. Try to include images in your article. (At least one that suits Your Title)
  5. Include your Title in the First Paragraph and provide a brief introduction about it.
  6. Divide your article into paragraphs (shouldn't be too long)
  7. Try to cover every aspect of the Title in your article ( How, Why, What, When, Importance, requirements, past, present, and future, etc...)
  8. Pay Attention to Word Count (not less than 800, More words, the better)
  9. Include citations (provide the source link of the data you have included in your article from any other source/website).
  10. Refrain from copy-pasting someone else’s work (plagiarism), your article should have your own words.
This will be a great learning experience for you and would bring much more opportunities in the future.
We are glad to have you on our team. Happy writing!
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